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2017 RhinoAg 160-3

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Great value, simple to use, lasting durability and smart design describe the new 100 Series rotary cutters from Rhino®. Especially designed for utility mowing operations including small ranches, estates and farms with applications that include mowing grass, weeds or small brush up to 1-1/2" in diameter, the 100 Series is an excellent value in today’s single spindle rotary cutter market. Practical features include a reinforced domed deck for minimal material build up and easy cleaning, as well as a sturdy hitch with quick hitch capabilities to make attachment to the tractor a snap. A smartly designed smooth underside of the cutter deck ensures quick and efficient material flow through the cutting chamber, delivering high cut quality. The 100 Series also features standard front and rear guarding for increased safety.

The 160 has a 60" cutting width and is designed for use on 25 HP* tractors minimum. A shear bolt or slip clutch protected driveline is available. A laminated tire and wheel plus front and rear rubber safety deflectors are standard equipment.

The 172 cuts a 72" swath and is rated for a minimum 35 HP* tractor. Either a shear bolt or a slip clutch protected driveline is available. A laminated tire and wheel with tapered roller bearings, plus front and rear rubber safety deflectors are standard equipment.

The 184 has a 84" cutting width and 1 1/2" cut capacity. It can be operated with a 45 HP tractor. A category 4 slip clutch driveline is standard, and the unit can be equipped with rubber deflectors or chain guards and a standard or quick hitch.

The deck on every 100 Series cutter is smooth on the bottom side for a reason. Being smooth, there are no obstructions to hinder the flow of material through the cutting chamber for more efficient mowing. It also means there are fewer areas for material to build up that could lead to premature corrosion. Round pan blade carriers are standard equipment to help the unit pass over most unseen obstructions.To help deliver excellent cutting performance, more updraft has been designed into the blades for greater lifting of the material to be cut.

All 100 Series cutters are available with quick hitch capabilities. A quick hitch makes attaching the cutter to the tractor faster and simpler. The Model 172 and 184 feature a double lower hitch lug design to handle the weight of the wider units, as compared to the single lug design used on most competitive wide single spindle cutters of comparable size. On the Model 160 and up, the formed reinforcing deck channels are much deeper at the front and rear of the deck to provide increased strength compared to competitive models.

All 100 Series cutters feature a round blade carrier. An overlapping output seal protector is standard on the Model 160, 172 and 184. The protector overlaps the lower portion of the gearbox housing, greatly reducing the risk of damage by such things as vines, wire, baling twine or other foreign material. Since it is a wider unit and the blade carrier is more susceptible to punishing shock loads, the blade carrier on the 184 is cross-braced for greater strength. Added output seal protection and cross-braced blade carriers are two extra features not even offered on most competitive cutters in this class.

The deck on the Model 160, 172, and 184 is domed front to rear and side to side to help minimize material buildup on the deck. The skid on the bottom of the side skirt helps keep the unit from bottoming out in uneven terrain. The skid also provides added stiffness to the side skirt. The side skids on the 100 Series rotary cutters are longer in length compared to most competitive units. This provides added strength to more of the side skirt section. For even more strength, a formed section has been added to the bottom of the rear portion of the side skirt on the 160, 172 and 184.

  • Cutting Width: 60"
  • Cutting Height (Min.): 1-5/8"
  • Horsepower Required: 25 Min.
  • Hitch: CAT I & 2 / CAT 1 QH
  • Gearbox Rating: 65 HP
  • Blade Tip Speed (FPM): 14,335
  • Cutting Capacity (Max.): 1-1/2"
  • Deck Thickness: 10 Ga.
  • Side Skirt: 10 Ga. X 9-1/4"
  • Weight (Approx.): 640 lbs.
Features and Benefits
  • Deep decks to handle large volumes of material
  • Reinforced deck that is domed front to rear and side to side
  • Quick hitch compatible
  • Smooth obstruction free underside of the deck for efficient material flow through the cutting chamber
Product Uses and Applications
  • Farms
  • Ranches
  • Estates
  • Schools & Universities
  • Parks & Recreational Areas



Working Width
640 lbs.
Recommended HP
25 Min.